There are 4 categories of members and associated fees:        

Honorary Member No fees applicable ( Government Adviser, University Professor/Teacher, Retired person who have knowledge on Project Management, etc.)

Student Annual Member:  *TK. 300 (Any bachelor level student who is 24 years of age by the time of graduation with none to some PM experience).

Young Crew Annual Member:  *TK. 600 (Anyone above 24 and below 32 years of age with bachelor’s degree and with at least 2 years of PM experience afterwards)

Individual Annual Member:  *TK. 1,000 (Anyone 32 years of age and above with at least Bachelor’s degree in any field and more than 3 years of PM experience)

 (  N.B. * mark may change at executive member  meeting )


Terms and Conditions

1. Interested member applicant for individual annual member must submit proof of bachelor degree in any field or at least 3 years of full time experience in PM in the capacity of project manager or project leader after graduation.

2. Anyone under 32 years of age will qualify for the Young Crew. The interested member must have bachelor’s degree or 2 years of PM experience.

3. For those who qualify for student members, they must be a current student of bachelor’s degree in any recognized college/university and the age must be at most 27 years of age by the time they graduate.

4. If interested member applicant does not qualify for any of the category because of not meeting academic, or PM experience or age requirements, or combination thereof,  she/he will be in probationary status. For example, if applicant is 35 years of age but does not have bachelor’s degree he does not qualify for full membership. If applicant is 35 years of age, has bachelor’s degree but does not have at least 3 years of PM experience, he does not qualify for full membership. The applicant is put to probationary period until she/he fulfills the requirements. Simialry, if a person is younger than 35 years (who qualifies for Young Crew) but does not have bachelor’s degree, she/he does not qualify for the membership. If the applicant is younger than 35 years but does not have at least two years of experience, she/he does not qualify for membership. The probationary membership will not be able to enjoy all the membership benefits. The probationary period is subject to last until the member qualifies for next membership category. 

5. For those members who wish to be apply for becoming an international PE assessors, he/she must notify IPMB in advance activating the status, seek recommendations for appropriate conduct and commit to present the outcome to IPMB once the assessment results are publicly disclosed. She/he must also have at least 8 years of PM experience, has renewed the membership successively in past three years.

 Note: Upload relevant document at registration form.