Project Management (PM) is not a new concept in Bangladesh. Sectors like telecom or tourism – be it government or non-government and corporate — all have projects: new products or services to launch; roads to be built; irrigation canals to be dug; mountains to conquer, communities to empower, etc. But, what have been lacking are proper guidelines, standards, knowledge, and a platform that advances the discipline of project management to achieve the optimal outcome/output. In addition, the personnel involved in these various projects need to consistently share knowledge, experience, and expertise not only within Bangladesh, but also globally.

IPMB has been founded in 2012 to serve as a national umbrella organization in Bangladesh to promote and advance the academy and profession of PM and to establish alliances with recognized national and international resource persons and organizations. Reaching across the nation and successfully driving the message of PM’s values, IPMB simultaneously seeks to appreciate and understand the needs of its members and to consistently improve the services and values it provides to them.